Sunday, October 7, 2012

I forgot my poppies!


In my tour of the garden, I forgot my poppies! They are the most exciting part of this spring for me. For the past 20 years I have tried on and off to grow Flanders Poppies, with zero success. This year, I have had several plants survive the winter and give me flowers this spring. :-)
They are all different. Although they are all bright red petals, their centres are all individual.
These flowers have been endlessly fascinating for me, and I have taken huge pleasure in each and every bloom.


It's Spring and my flowers are blooming


I'm still taking photos, I just don't seem to find time to blog about it. This post is about our garden. :-) When spring arrives, the flowers appear.

First the begonias (and they are still going).

The passionfruit is LADEN with fruit this year. After three years, it has finally decided to flourish!
 This one is a little strange. It thinks it is an avocado. :-)
Our rose bushes received a hard pruning this year, and have rewarded us with non-stop blooms.
 The white rose is Magaret Merril - floribunda and highly fragrant.

 The yellow rose is Friesia - another highly fragrant floribunda.

Just a little sample today. I hope you have enjoyed my garden. I have some sunflower photos to come, too.