Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A slithery visitor...


You may have heard. Queensland has been subject to terrible storms bringing high winds and flooding rains. Today we had a sunny day and this fellow decided he needed a little drying out. He took a long nap in the foliage along our back retaining wall.
It's a Carpet Snake, also known as a Carpet Python. He's probably longer than 2 metres if he was stretched out. That would make it an adult. I don't think it is big enough to eat my dog, but I'm not that keen on finding out!  I love Carpet Snakes, they're really beautiful. They're also great for keeping the local rodent population under control. They do have a tendency to steal eggs from hen houses though, so I'm sure my neighbours are glad he is visiting us and not them!

Here is a closer look at his head. The colouring is so beautiful, all olive, bronze, and gold.
I don't think I shared my other snake photos from when the kids discovered the cubby house had a new resident back in October. Here is one.
Thanks for dropping by. I have a couple of weeks off work at the moment, so hopefully I'll be back with more photos sometime soon.