Saturday, March 30, 2013

A quick holiday at the Sunshine Coast


I've just spent a few days with family at the Sunshine Coast. While I was there I took some photos so that I could share the beauty with you all!

The first day we took an evening stroll along the Noosa River. We walked the dogs and let the kids have a swim at the halfway mark. As a child I used to holiday at Noosaville and I have always loved walking along the river at the end of the day.

The river is a bit brown at the moment. I think it may be because of all the rain recently. This part of the river is really close to the ocean, and is usually a lot bluer.

The next morning we headed to Noosa Beach. It was a spectacularly PERFECT day for the beach. Warm temperature in and out of the water, blue skies, no wind. Beautiful.
Main Beach at Noosa is my favourite beach in the whole wide world. There are usually not too many waves, so you can just relax. It's great for swimming with kids.
The lifeguards were out in force yesterday. Good Friday would probably be one of the most busy days of the year on this beach. My photos were taken around 10.30am, it would have been crowded by the afternoon.
In the afternoon we headed to Caloundra to visit more family. The Brisbane to Gladstone yacht race had just started and I could see all the sails of the yachts on the horizon. I didn't think to capture the image in any photographs, though!
This image is a stitch of three images looking out over Bulcock Beach at low tide. So many people were walking over the sandflats, it made me smile.
The clouds were building up for what turned into torrential rain over night. The in-between phase was beautiful to look at.
Thanks for coming by to visit.