Friday, August 3, 2012

Some from July - beach, pasta, me


I'll go back into the archives of July again, but here are a few to start.

Brisbane City, Adelaide Street on a foggy morning.
Me. Self Portrait.
The Beach with my little girl.
 Our shadows on the beach.
 My little girl again, chasing waves.
And some pasta making - I made a batch of pasta with the kids. We had so much pasta that we made ravioli, then lasagne, and then fettuccini to finish it off!

 Coco the Spoodle.
And the last photo for this post, my eldest daughter's floor when she arrived home from holidays with a friend.

See you again soon!



  1. Great photos! Love the photo of you, great self portrait.

  2. what a beautiful life. and fresh pasta--few things speak to my heart like fresh pasta. :)

    ps LOVE the shadows shot, and the self portrait!