Friday, August 3, 2012

Some of the photos I took in June


I'm not going to go back and do a post about all the photos I've taken... just in case you were wondering if I would bombard you. :-)  But, here are a few of the photos from June that I didn't share.

A few of Brisbane City.

A worksite on Adelaide Street.
 Statue in ANZAC Square.
 100 Creek Street, the National Australia Bank building. Terrica Place in the reflection.
 Alley between Adelaide and Queen Streets, near Creek Street. It was raining.
 Looking out the doorway of Bar Metzo at Adelaide Street in the rain, waiting for my coffee.

And a couple of black and white photos taken at home.

My bathroom.
And my daughter's rose. It's Margaret Merrill, a beautiful white rose with frilly edged petals.

I might go and see if there was anything worth sharing in July.


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