Monday, January 12, 2015

Days 10-12, 10 to 12 January 2015


10 January:
The prompt was "hello". This was my first  idea - Coco hanging her head out of her crate (keeping an eye on the action but staying comfortable). 
My eldest started an Instagram account for Coco: @spoodle_and_chicks She's gaining followers at an alarming rate. Dogs are so popular on social media, lol!

While Coco watched from the crate, I drew a robin and coloured with watercolours. I should have used watercolour paper, but it didn't turn out too bad regardless. I used a photo off Instagram as inspiration. Photographer was @timoakes
The "hello" photo I chose to upload to IG was this one.
My kid being crazy with my new colander and an old pair of glasses. :-)

11 January:
Another day of spring cleaning in oppressive humidity. I almost melted! 

At the end of the day, I went outside to catch the last of the light and made Coco sit for me in the rain while I snapped my "I see..." photo.

12 January:
Back to work after three weeks of holiday, boo! I took the bus to work. At the bus stop I found a lovely red hibiscus. The photo I took doesn't do it justice.
Here's one where you can see my hand. No editing, but the iPhone struggles with that much red.
Thank you for visiting! I'll be back soon!


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