Thursday, January 8, 2015

Days 6 & 7 - 6&7 January 2015


6 January:
I had a mole excision from my face on Tuesday. I'm a big sook and didn't like the anaesthetic. It was almost as bad as the dentist, lol! 
No art this day. I did have a marathon session making cards, though. :-) 

7 January:
The prompt was "currently reading". A few weeks back I found a pile of books by my Mum's front door that was destined for the church charity sale. I picked through and brought some on a detour via my place. They will still end up at the church, once I've read them. ;-). I've been reading on my Kindle. It's funny reading real books again.
I thought I was out of time for art, but just before bedtime I was struck by inspiration. This is drawn using Pitt pens. It's on an A4 page.
I love this style and want to explore it further. 

See you soon!


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