Thursday, May 10, 2012

Day 128 - 7 May 2012


The theme for 7 May 2012 is Someone who inspires you.

I had a think about this. I know a lot of people will choose celebrities, or people they don't know but who have done amazing things, or survived amazing events, but I wanted to choose someone who is close to me and really inspires me daily just by being themselves, not by circumstance.

I have two people who inspire me, all the time, every day.  My two daughters are the lights of my life. They are clever, they are brave, they are kind, they are generous, they are fun, they are musical, they amaze me, they make me laugh, they make me want to do better, they make me want to be their role model, they fill me with love. (And one of them just got me to dance in the middle of writing this post).
This photo shows one of the things that inspire me about these girls. They help each other. They protect each other. Even when they are fighting with each other, if they feel that someone else is being unfair, they will stop their own fight to protect the other. Their love for each other is inspirational.

On this day, we had an amazing, spectacular sunset. The previous night's sunset was subtle. This one was the exact opposite. Instagram was FULL of Brisbane sunsets on 7 May, it caught everyone's eye. I am sharing the progress from beautiful silver sky to bright orange. None of these are edited, so you get to see what my iPhone camera saw. I was TOTALLY wishing I'd taken my big camera to the park with us...

These four photos were taken over about 20 - 30 minutes as we walked home.
 When the clouds turned silver, I was already in awe.
 Then they went a little orange and I thought this may be all the sunset had to offer.
 And then THIS happened. It was brighter than this looks. BRIGHT pinks and oranges, and the clouds were leaving purple shadows on the clouds above, and then behind that the blue sky.
My Instagram photo is this one. I boosted the colour a little to show what I saw with my eyes.
And because I've already added a million photos, one more from this day. Coco the spoodle.


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