Thursday, May 31, 2012

Days 149 - 151, 28 - 30 May 2012


I'm actually posting the last photos of the month on the last day of the month, it's a miracle! This is the end of the fifth month that I have been taking a photo a day. Seven months to go... or will I just continue forevermore???

Day 149, 28 May 2012 - The weather today
The weather started with a clear blue sky in the morning, but I didn't capture that properly. Then I would have no idea what the weather did all day, although the wet pavements when I left work in the evening indicated it had rained. I caught a picture of the sky on our way home in the evening, and it was worth the wait.
Here are my other two photos from the morning. In the first one, the sun is peeking around the side of a building up the street.
And here is the second.
Both of these photos are looking up Ann Street in Brisbane from the corner of Creek Street.

Day 150, 29 May 2012 - A number
I've been wanting to photograph this number for several weeks. Today's theme was perfect for it. And the subject was perfect for me to try out my new iPhone app "Marble Cam". 280 Adelaide Street, Brisbane.

Day 151, 30 May 2012 - Your personality
My personality? What? How do I capture THAT in a photo? LOL! I drew a doodle and water-coloured it.
I'll leave the interpretation up to you. ;-)


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  1. Love those city shots and that number shot!