Friday, May 25, 2012

Days 142 - 144, 21 - 23 May 2012: Canberra


I traveled to Canberra for work this week. It was a bit chilly down there. I survived. Lucky I own a woolen overcoat.

On my flight down, I saw this:
It was late afternoon. The clouds were very interesting for the whole trip. I loved these wispy ones. This was getting close to Canberra and I was about to switch my phone off again.

Driving from the airport to my hotel, I saw this:
It was such a pretty sunset. When we drove past the Australian War Memorial, I saw about 10 photographers lined up on the steps with their cameras looking back towards Parliament House. They would have got some awesome shots this evening, the light was magical.

Day 142, 21 May 2012 - Where I stand
Where I stood was in my hotel room, out of my shoes, and about to unpack my bag.

Day 143, 22 May, the theme was PINK. There wasn't any pink to be found this day. I was in a work conference all day and at a work dinner all night.  What I did find was FROST, on the car, in the morning.
That slowed us down getting out of the carpark on our way to breakfast. :-) It was about 2 degrees celcius (35F) by 8am.

Day 144, 23 May 2012 - Technology
Before I get to my technology shot, here is a little view of Civic in Canberra.
I love these buildings. They have such straight lines and feel so ultra-modern, stark almost. But the streets are clean and quiet, and there are trees. In summer they have gorgeous flower pots hanging along the street.

Most of the trees had lost most of their leaves already. Winter is only a few days away!
And here is my technology photo, at the airport on my way home.
The tarmac. Oh, the sunset was gorgeous. I was itching to get outside and check it out, but I would have missed my plane!
And here is a tiny taste of the awesome sunset. Unedited pic from my iPhone.
Those two little specks of light are the moon (above) and Venus. Pretty hard to capture on an iPhone, and my camera couldn't cope with the reflections on the plane window. I had my phone pressed against the window to get this one. That line at the bottom of the picture is the plane engine.

I hope you enjoyed my little work trip.


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