Thursday, May 31, 2012

Day 152, 31 May 2012 - Something beautiful


Day 152, the 31st day in May, saw me searching for a photo of something beautiful. The problem is that I've been sick with a cold for two weeks, and I'm not feeling like looking for beautiful things. This is the lovely thing about this photo challenge. It forces me out of my self-absorbed misery to look for nice things around me. :-)

I played with Marble Cam today.

The photo I actually chose was this one.
Mmmm, yes, I think it's beautiful. The photo is actually a detail section of one of my sofa cushions. I love those cushions. My Mum sewed them for me.

Here are the other two photos.
A bit of an abstract. A detail part of a painting in our house.

And a photo I've published before, in April, of my local war memorial, but this time in Marble Cam.
Pretty, isn't it?

I've had a lovely May. Tomorrow we launch into June's photos. Woo hoo!