Friday, May 25, 2012

Days 136 - 138, 15 - 17 May 2012: Love, Book, Snack


Day 136, 15 May 2012 - Love
I met my husband 19 years ago. We became friends. Then we started dating. Then we moved in together. Then we got married. Then we had kids. Our love continues to grow.

Day 137, 16 May 2012 - What I am reading
The Time Traveler's Wife is a great read. It is taking some concentration, though. I keep getting a little lost and having to read back to see where I am up to!
What I like about this photo is that it was taken on my lap, sitting at the train station. I really like how it turned out. :-)

Day 138, 17 May 2012 - Snack
I don't really snack, so this was a challenging photo to find. I decided at the end of the day to have a hot milo before bed, and added a few sneaky marshmallows, and I remembered to take a photo.


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