Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day 33 - 2 February 2012 - swim meet


I am the proudest Mummy on Earth, perhaps across the entire universe, tonight. :-)  My eldest daughter competed in the age championships for swimming at school today.

Last week they asked for nominations, and she didn't bring the form home. She told me she wasn't entering. We had a chat, which I won't go into here in public, but it was all about me encouraging my girl to give things a go and do her best, for her own satisfaction, not as competition against others. No matter what place you come, if you give your very best effort, you are a winner.

Why am I proud today? My big girl thought about it, and decided that she would enter and give it a go, and boy was I proud right then. She didn't just give it a go. She did herself proud.  She entered freestyle and butterfly (50m races).  I'm pretty sure she raced her personal best in both. I think next year she might even consider entering breaststroke and backstroke as well.

Here she is, yellow cap, leading the pack at this stage (and was pipped at the post by the girl coming second in this photo).
The second freestyle race for her age group was a bit faster, and I don't know all the times, so I don't know the result for freestyle yet. We find out the results later. I don't know if she's on the school team, but I'm super proud now anyway. She did an awesome job in her butterfly race. I almost jumped up and yelled in excitement... actually, perhaps I really did.



  1. You should be very proud. It only shows what happens when you believe you can do something.

  2. Whoop whoop for your daughter! :)