Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day 48 - 17 February 2012


Day 48 found me at the end of another day where I had not taken a photo yet. So it is another photo of my bedtime reading.
Have you read this book? My brother left it behind when he visited at Christmas, and I am cursing him! From very early on in this book I started dreaming of moving to Tuscany. Now instead of my original retirement dream of caravanning around Australia, I am thinking we might like to move to Italy for a little while, LOL!

I have family in Italy. My aunty married an Italian about 50 years ago and moved to Tuscany. She's still there, as are my cousins and their families. My Dad married an Italian, so I have an Italian step-mother and step-sisters. My Dad and step-mother run a Bed and Breakfast in Tuscany. Dad lives there 6 - 8 months each year. We stayed with them for a month several years ago when they were renovating. I loved it. I really could immerse myself into Tuscan life. I really don't think I should be reading this book, it's encouraging me too much!



  1. !!! I want to go to Italy!! Take me with you!!

  2. Haven't read the book, but I LOVED the movie! And I totally agree with you....after seeing the movie, i wanted to move to Tuscany and buy an old farmhouse to renovate. *sigh* A girl can dream, can't she?