Friday, February 24, 2012

Day 54 - 23 February 2012


Today's photo is one of our many magpies that live in our front yard.
He's all puffed up, he must have been feeling slightly chilly. :-)  I just noticed he only had one leg down, too. Maybe he only has one leg?

One day, in the far away future, we will renovate our roof. I'll have to remember to send people back to look at this photo to remember how bad is really was, LOL! Our roof is actually "white", but the white has worn off most of it over the past 37 years of its existence. Just one of the many renovation projects we have on our list...

Two other photos, because I can't resist sharing our amazing clouds and sunsets lately. First the sunset photo. I got lots of these. Spectacular colours and clouds. No editing again on the sunset, I can't improve them.
 Doesn't this cloudy sky look fake? If you painted it, people would tell you it didn't look real.
I did edit the clouds - just changed the levels a bit, if I remember correctly.


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