Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day 47 - 16 February 2012 - Love


Day 47 I looked for my "love" photo for Carly's Photo Friday Challenge. I've been looking for this photo all week. I had all sorts of ideas of catching my girls being nice to each other, or something similar, LOL! Ah, it is so rare for me to capture my girls being loving in a photograph, I was truly suffering from delusions when I first thought of the idea. It didn't help that I spent three days in Canberra, or that my big girl headed off to camp today.

I got home last night from my travel and read my big girl a story before lights out. This morning I helped get her organised and gave her big cuddles to fortify her for her very first ever school camp. As I was choofing her out the front door to grab a lift to school with Daddy, I thought about the "love" theme and ran back inside the house for my camera.
I see one of my jobs as a parent is to help my girls grow up confident and able to go away from the home knowing that they are safe to take these little risks and that they are loved completely, either for little trips like this, or for the big one when they eventually leave home. I could see my girl had butterflies in her tummy, but she went out to the car, got in, and waved me good-bye with a giant smile on her face.  I'm totally proud of her. And I will be giving her giant hugs when I pick her up from school tomorrow afternoon.



  1. What a wonderful story and beautiful photo to capture the moment. I'm so nervous for the first day my little munchkins head off to camp, but hopefully it's a few years off so I'll have time to adjust. Have a wonderful Thursday! :-)

  2. Great photo and story to capture the 'love' theme Michelle :)