Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day 44 to 46 - 13 to 15 February - Canberra


I had to travel for work this week. I went to Canberra. I didn't take my camera, so I was reduced to using my iPhone as my photographic tool.  I'll put it all into the one post so that you don't have to suffer my terrible photography for too long, LOL!

Day 44 - 13 February
I arrived in Canberra (Australia's capital) in the afternoon, in the middle of "peak hour" traffic... well the Canberra version of it. Canberra is a reasonably small city with clever roads that don't seem to clog. :-) Driving into Canberra from the airport you see the Black Mountain Communications Tower (I think that's what it's called) sitting on top of a hill. This is a well-known landmark, and something you see on Canberra postcards.
And here is a bit of a shot of the traffic.
We drove by the Australian War Memorial and Parliament House so fast that I didn't get to click a photo before we'd passed them. I must go back some day and do a proper photographic tour of the city.

Day 45 - 14 February
Yes, that's right folks, I was away from my love on Valentines Day. I was treated to a lovely gentle sunrise, though.
I stayed at the Aria Hotel. It's quite nice. Very new, very clean, comfy bed, but no restaurant and extremely limited room service for dinner. It is walking distance to the office (about 1.5km away), so convenient.

I found a fantastic cafe for breakfast. If you are ever in Canberra and looking for great coffee and delicious food, go to Cream in Civic. I wish Cream was in Brisbane, because I would go there all the time. I took some photos there, but they don't do the venue justice. It is architecturally beautiful to look at.

Day 46 - 15 February
Flying home day. After working all day, I caught a flight home in the evening. The clouds were amazing. My phone didn't do them justice.
We flew directly over Surfers Paradise, but by then we'd been asked to turn off our phones again. I WISH I'd been able to take a picture, it was pretty spectacular to be so close overhead.

Back in Brisbane. The sun was setting as we landed. The colours over the city were wonderful.
So happy to be home with my family.


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  1. Great pics from your iPhone!
    My MIL is out in Canberra at the moment visiting friends so good to see some pics :0)
    Jenny x