Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Day 100 - 9 April 2012 - Younger Me


Day 100!!! 100 days of blogging my photos each day, and I've missed so few! And I know I've blogged more than 100 photos, because I have a hard time choosing photos each day so I share too many. :-)

You can join me ANYtime you feel like it. This is fun!

April is turning out to be my iPhone photo month, using Instagram (my new toy).  9 April was a wonderful day, Easter Monday.  The April Photo a Day theme was  Younger You. I photographed an old photo of me.
I love this photo. I was about 4 years old. We were living in Nauru. I had just had my bath. There is a matching photo of my brother, which has to be one of my very favourites of him as a little boy also.  We were sitting in these groovy little chairs. I was happy. :-)

This photo makes me realise that my little girl has lots of similarities to me. Here are a couple of photos taken down at the park at the end of our lovely Easter week-end. She's 4.
Those are orange tights, her legs haven't gone orange, LOL!
We went to the dog park so that my little girl could say hello to the dogs. The irony is that to get my dog to go into the dog off-leash area, I have to put her on the leash (and drag her in). Defeats the purpose of the off-leash area really... she was hiding under my feet the whole time we were there. All the other dogs came over to say hello, but she wouldn't come out.  The funny thing is, outside of the dog off-leash area, she will play with any other dog that comes along. It is just that one place where she refuses to be social. I have a crazy dog.


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