Sunday, April 22, 2012

Days 107-108 - 16 to 17 April 2012


I'm playing catch up! I went away for work this week, and everything else fell behind.

Day 107 - 16 April 2012
The April Photo a Day theme was flower. I captured this bougainvillea while I walked to the train station in the morning.
I also saw some amazing clouds that day.
And a beautiful sunset.

Day 108 - 17 April 2012
I travelled to Cairns on an early morning flight. The theme for the day was Something I don't like. I didn't like leaving my family for work.
Brisbane Airport:
In the air:
Cairns International Airport:
Cairns Esplanade at sunset.
My hotel room:
The room and bed were huge. I stayed at the Holiday Inn. I'd recommend it. Let's take a closer look at those pillows.

Ooh, and to my delight, the "soft" version were feather pillows! I miss my featherdown pillow when I travel, so this made me feel right at home.


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