Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Day 101 - 10 April 2012 - Cold


Day 101 of 2012. Back to work today after a lovely long long week-end. :-)  I had a slow start to the day due to a series of delays, one of which I'll share in the photos.

Late last night I decided to finally purchase Hipstamatic (for the grand sum of $1.99). I envied photos my brother took at Christmastime and he told me he used Hipstamatic. I looked at it then, and I hesitated over the $2.49 price tag, LOL! Well the price went down, and since I've started using Instagram, I thought I'd give it a go. Well, the first five photos were TERRIBLE.  100% black, or completely yellow, or not what I thought I was taking...oh dear! So I put it on my 9 year old daughter's iPod and thought she might find some tips for me (she's pretty good with techy things). In about two seconds this morning she'd already worked some things out for me, so I ran with that little bit of knowledge.

This is what I got today.
Brisbane City, corner of Adelaide & Creek Streets, Koala House in front.
 The sky.
 The road as the sun headed towards the horizon.
One of my photos I also edited in Instagram, and the combination of Hipstamatic and Instagram is magic. This is the front of Central Station, on Ann Street.
I wouldn't want to take my photos like this all the time, but I do like the effect. I think, with some practice, I might get some good shots!

I did get two other photos today that I'll share. The first is one of the delays I encountered this morning. I entered the kitchen and the little one (4 years old) says "Don't come in! I'm writing a secret message!!!"  I had to wait for her to painstakingly write her message for me. This is it.
I dont lic mi tooftsae. 

What she was trying to tell me, in her pre-school, learning to read and write by herself kind of language (and yes, her "d" is upside down), was: I don't like my toothpaste.  A very important message to write down when Mummy is running late for work. But of course, when the little angel writes so beautifully, Mummy just melts and forgets about getting to work on time. :-)

The other photo was for my April Photo a Day themed Cold. Well it may be officially autumn, but it is way opposite to cold! It is still swimming weather. So cold came out of my fridge.
Yeah, that full, unopened bottle didn't stay that way for long.


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