Sunday, April 1, 2012

Day 89 - 29 March 2012


Day 89 I have a story to tell. Last week, I closed my little girl's fingers in a door. She cried, I was devastated. We sat cuddling while she had an icepack on her fingers for a LONG time. The next morning the fingers were back to normal, no bruising. I felt so sad. The silly thing is, I was trying to stop her fingers and face being slammed in another door at the time. She and her sister were fighting and the bedroom door was being pushed to and fro. I was closing the other bedroom door (they face each other in a corner) and watching that no fingers were squished, but ended up squishing fingers in the one I wasn't watching and that I was closing.

Anyway, fast forward a few days, and when collecting the little one from Kindy, the carer advised that my little girl's finger had been stood on by one of her friends. The SAME finger that I closed in the door a few days earlier. A little boy had ground his foot on her poor little pinky.  Unfortunately, they didn't ice the finger long enough and it went black.
And the other side.
These were taken the next day. The first day it was like a little black sausage, so swollen up.

Hopefully we have no more accidents with the pinky for a little while.


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