Friday, April 6, 2012

Day 95 - 4 April 2012 - Someone who makes me happy


Day 95 is Day 4 of Photo a Day April with the theme - Someone who makes me happy.

I happened to be walking behind my scooting daughter and snapped this shot. She makes me happy.
When I bought that scooter for her, I chose one that is solid and strong (up to 100kg weight limit) because I thought it would last longer if her friends decided to start jumping it or doing other stunts. Walking along behind her, I wonder if maybe her feet will get too long for it before she grows out of wanting to use it, LOL!

On our way home that night, there was a beautiful sunset. I took a moment to capture it when we stopped at the shops.
I was lucky that the sunset was in the perfect position for me to capture the silhouettes of the palm trees.


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