Friday, April 6, 2012

Day 96 - 5 April 2012 - Tiny, and a bit of Brisbane


Day 96 was a busy day for us. We WERE going to go to GoMA - the Gallery of Modern Art, but for some (insane) reason, the gallery decided to refurbish the children's section during the school holidays. So we went to the Science Centre instead. That is the beauty of Brisbane's Southbank - if one thing is closed, there are heaps of other things to do. In the one section there is GoMA, the Qld Art Gallery, the Qld Museum, the Science Centre, the Qld State Library, the Qld Performing Arts Centre, the Brisbane Convention Centre, not to mention the Southbank gardens themselves. And for the grown-ups - lots of cafes and restaurants and shops. :-)

Just a couple of shots for you today. I'll be going back to get more. This first one is the view from the front entrance to GoMA, looking back towards Brisbane City across the river.
Then there is this piece of "art" when you look back the other direction.
Brizvegas is what lots of people call Brisbane. The name has been around forever, perhaps 20 years, but I'm not really sure where it came from.

This next photo is taken from the bus stop, again looking towards the City.
One of the things my littlest girl asked to do during the holidays was to take a bus. So we took the bus to South Brisbane for our outing. It was actually quite quick and the girls had giant smiles on their faces the whole way - both going in and heading back out again.

For the Photo a Day April challenge, the theme for Day 5 was Tiny. I didn't find anything tiny while we were out, so my eldest daughter brought our her tiny fairy for me to photograph when we got home.
After our big morning out, we came home and us three girls had our hair cut. Our hairdresser comes to us, and she's brilliant! So my last photo is a self-portrait of my newly sleek hair after its cut.
The photo was taken in the dark by the light of the computer monitor... I'm sure you get the idea of what it looks like, LOL!


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