Sunday, April 22, 2012

Days 111-113 - 20 to 22 April


Woo hoo! Caught up!

Day 111, 20 April 2012, Something I drew
I'm not an artist. I'd like to be. But I'm not, yet. I could have drawn a stick figure and been done with it. I decided that I would try to draw "something". So while my little one was at swimming lesson I played around trying to draw a lotus flower.  I have drawn a few more since this one, and they are getting better.
Then I decided I would draw another and colour it. Not so great, but worth the practice.
And then my 4 year old wanted to do one of her own. After trying for herself, she asked me to draw the flower for her to colour. I think she did a great job.

Day 112, 21 April 2012, Bottle
We had another beautiful sunset. As I passed the war memorial, the traffic stopped long enough for me to take ONE photo.

Day 113, 22 April 2012, The last thing I bought
Other than the groceries, I haven't bought much lately. I did recently get a few stamps and dies (my indulgence).



  1. Your pictures look amazing !
    I have also made a May photo a day challenge! You should take a look at mine!
    You can find it on my blog here
    And also on my facebook fan page !

  2. Well done on your lotus sketch, Michelle!

    Your images are beautiful! I love the colours in the bottle. Today is ANZAC day here in Australia so the war memorial image is very fitting.