Saturday, March 3, 2012

Day 61 - 1 March 2012 - a morning in the park


I missed Day 60, the 29th of February. Unfortunately it was not a good day for me, and my heart wasn't in photography.  Day 61 was a much better day, and to make up for the missed day, I took LOTS of photos. :-)

I took my little girl and the dog for a walk to the park. They both had a ball.

I let Coco off the leash and she ran all over the park like a crazy-dog. By a miracle, she seems to be getting better at obeying commands, and she didn't chase anyone, didn't chase birds, didn't run across any roads, and she returned when called. Definitely an improvement.

What I didn't notice right away was that under the long grass at the side of the playground was a big pool of water. See the happy tail?
More exploring...
And more... Ooh, I think this is the deepest part of the puddle...
Aahhh, what a relief after that HOT run in the park...
And what she looked like as she happily trotted out of the water:
Yes, it was muddy water.
And as you can see by her face, she really immerses herself into water. I actually think I could train her to be a diving dog, she likes putting her face under water so much.
Definitely a cocker spaniel x poodle, a water dog through and through.

Meanwhile, the little girl had a blast playing on the swings, the slide, and the rocking animals.

I also took many photos of trees. I'll just share two of the close-ups (since this post is already photo heavy for a "photo" a day record, LOL).

I hope you enjoyed our trip to the park as much as we did.


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