Thursday, March 22, 2012

Day 79 - 19 March 2012 - books


For Day 79 I have another book to share.

Before I show you, I'll talk about another book. I skipped one of my books by accident. I read it so fast that it was back in the library before I took a photo of it, LOL! That one was one of the Sookie Stackhouse books by Charlaine Harris, Dead Reckoning, that's book number 11 in the series, and unfortunately I now have to wait for the next one to be published. Argh! I am very impatient when I'm in the middle of a series and the author hasn't brought out their superpowers to finish the entire series as fast as I can read it, LOL! In case you don't know, the Sookie Stackhouse series is the basis for the True Blood tv series (which I have only watched the first series of, and can't watch it easily because it is totally R-rated and my kids need to be deeply asleep or out of the house for me to turn it on). The books are a great fun, easy read (if you don't mind vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters, and faeries, among other things). Since I've caught up with Charlaine on her Sookie Stackhouse books, I'm going to start on her Harper Connelly series while I wait for the next one. :-)

Before I talk more about books (I really could go on forever when books are the subject), I'll show you my photo.
This is the third book in the Women's Murder Club series by James Patterson. The main character is a female homicide detective (now lieutenant). I really enjoy James Patterson (I loved his Alex Cross novels), but I have a bit of a bugbear about the fact that once he's written one or two of a series, he then brings in other writers. It changes the feel of the books slightly and detracts a bit from my enjoyment. I'm still reading them, because they are good entertainment, but I don't get "hooked" on the series' as a result.

Now onto my current top reading wishlist item. The Hunger Games trilogy. I want to read the books before I see the movie (if I even see the movie). I went to the library and put the first book on hold. I'm number 348 on the hold list. At this rate, it might be available to me in 2016, LOL! I heard on the radio this morning that Big W is putting the books on sale today for about $10 each. It might be worth buying them to avoid the waiting... and if I'm buying them I might just pop off to Book Depository and save myself the trip to the shops... decisions, decisions...

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