Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day 85 - 25 March 2012


Today (Day 85) I attended a baby shower. The baby was the third baby for my friend, and she was the first girl. The shower happened after the arrival of this gorgeous little girl, so I got to meet her today also! So beautiful! I love babies!

I'm not sharing a baby photo (sorry!). I am sharing a photo of the decorations. The friend holding the shower is the consummate hostess. I think she would make a fortune if she became an event planner. :-)

First photo is this one:
I couldn't believe these roses. You can't buy roses like this in the shop. The shop roses are all those horrible tea roses with no scent and they drop their heads within a couple of days.  Well, apparently these roses came from a flower shop. They look like they're from a garden. So beautiful!

Second photo is of the cute cupcakes. I couldn't resist capturing them also.

I loved the pink theme. The whole back patio and yard was decorated beautifully. A lovely day.


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  1. gorgeous flowers and adorable cupcakes! Sounds like a fun shower :)