Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day 87 - 27 March 2012 - Easter is coming!


Day 87 and I am showing a tiny bit of "super-Mummy" powers.

First I will disclose that while I make cards, I am not a particularly crafty Mum, and my kids don't get to take cool gifts to school at Valentines or Christmas, etc. Usually I don't do anything at Easter either, because I'm a bit of a grouch and don't like my kids eating too much junk food and SO MANY kids give SO MUCH chocolate at Easter time! I can honestly say that each year we often still have Easter chocolate left over as Christmas approaches because we end up with so much given to us all. Crazy! Oh, I should also tell you, I'm not one of those women who swoon over chocolate. I can totally enjoy eating one box of chocolates over a period of months. Yes, I'm strange, LOL! Put a block of cheese in front of me with some crackers, and it is a very different story...

Back to Easter. Tomorrow is the last day of school before Easter break. I realised this tonight. And I remembered that I'd seen some cute Easter Egg Butterflies that I told my daughter I might make. She took this to mean that I would make them (and if she thinks I will, then I must). This is what I saw:
I don't have the right punches for this. Or the time and patience to make those cute antennae. So I took a short cut, and this is what I came up with:
They're little butterflies sitting on scallop circle flowers. :-)
They're colourful, aren't they?
I'm pretty sure I'll be my daughter's hero for at least five minutes tomorrow morning.


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