Monday, March 12, 2012

Day 72 - 12 March 2012 - Brisbane


Day 72 saw me taking a walk around Brisbane City during my lunchtime to go photograph my subject of choice for today - St Stephen's Cathedral.
I'll go and get some closer shots another day. Today was just a quick walk. I also just realised that I didn't get a decent photo of the smaller original cathedral that sits to the right of the newer bigger version. The little one opened in 1850. The bigger one sometime around 1870.

While taking the photo across the road, I noticed another topic that I hope to capture more of during this year of photo taking - a signal box. In Brisbane, just about every signal box (for the traffic lights) has been painted. Artists have to put their proposal to council, get approved, and then they can paint the box.  I'll have to do some research on what this one is about (they're usually relevant to the area in some way).

Then I was almost back to work and I clicked off one more photo. This one is the intersection of Creek and Queen Streets. The building is the National Australia Bank. For some history you can read up on it HERE.
Brisbane has lots of lovely buildings from the 1800s through to early 1900s, in amongst all the high-rise buildings. Some of them have beautiful detail. On the bank building here, the columns are Corinthian (my favourite column style). I'll get some close up detail shots one day.



  1. had to jump over here from our "twenty twelve" and take a look at your blog. Love these photos and getting to see a little bit of your hometown. I might have to use this idea once winter is over.

  2. So cool to see some shots of where you live. The first pic is especially stunning!