Thursday, March 22, 2012

Day 81 - 21 March 2012


Day 81 sees us at the train station. I was heading into work late in the morning, so I had the chance to photograph the station without the crowds. I did still get some curious looks (more like "What is that crazy lady taking a photo of?" looks).
This station was upgraded a couple of years ago. They chose strange arched yellow edges under a blue tin roof to cover the platforms. There are about three different yellows, and the result was that as soon as it was painted, it looked like some had faded in the sun. It never looked "new". Strange, and ugly, design. 

The next photo is looking across the tracks at the artwork which is a collaboration of the local schools. This artwork has pretty much escaped graffiti (which was the whole point of putting art there in the first place). Much brighter than the old grey concrete wall that was there before.  
 Across the road from the train station (on Station Road, no less) is the Indooroopilly Hotel. It is quite ugly, but it appeals to me a lot. One day I will show you a picture of that, and find out some history for you.


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