Sunday, March 11, 2012

Day 70 - 10 March 2012


On Day 70 we attended our nephew's engagement party. The party started at sunset. The view from their backyard was so beautiful for a couple of hours with the changing colours of the sky.
I had a terrible discovery after taking all the photos at the engagement. I had reduced the quality of my photos in my camera down to lowest quality to take some card photos, and had forgotten to put the quality up again. I had more than 24 hours (and about 150 photos) of low quality photos! So disappointed! I should have realised when I couldn't take a decent photo of the AMAZING moon and stars, argh! Oh well, lesson learned.



  1. How frustrating!!! I hate when things like that happen. :( This photo is stunning though so at least you got something out of the day!

  2. Wow....what a gorgeous sunset!
    Jenny x