Thursday, March 15, 2012

Day 74 - 14 March 2012 - Everyday


Day 74 saw me capture my photo for the Photo Friday Challenge, which has a theme this week of Everyday. I left work early and because I was early, the train was almost empty. Usually it is jam-packed full and there is no chance of a photo. This is the train, I take it to and from work.
I'll tell you a story about the behaviour of people who are catching this train. They updated the timetables a few months ago and now there is an all-stations train followed by an express train a few minutes later leaving from Central Station.  I can take either, because they both stop at my station. The strange behaviour I have noticed is that when the all-stations train comes, everyone crowds around the door to get in (normal), but if you are at the back of the pack (which I often am because I'm usually just catching it with a second to spare), you'll suddenly find yourself stuck behind immobile people who are gathered around the doors. You can't get in because these people are blocking the doorway. It took me a while to figure out what was happening. And this is CRAZY. People are crowding around the door of the first train so that when the express train arrives they'll be the first on the train, so the people who NEED to get the all-stations train have to PUSH people out of the way to get on. The funny thing is, when I have missed that all stations train and had to wait for the express, I don't encounter problems getting on the train or getting a seat usually (and I don't crowd the door), so I don't know why people do this. Strange.

You really did get an EVERYDAY photo and story with this one, LOL!


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  1. Excellent shot of the everyday photo. Every day photos can be mundane, but they are ever present in our lives! Thanks for sharing your daily train trip!