Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day 68 - 8 March 2012 - Blurry/OOF


Day 68's journey was to attempt to capture this week's photo for Carly's Photo Friday Challenge where the theme is Blurry/OOF (out of focus). I raced around my yard, looking for subjects, clicking away. I collected all sorts of images, too many to share!  Then while I was editing away, trying to find one or two worth sharing, my daughter started her violin practice next to me and I remembered that one of my 2012 in Photos buddies had taken a photo of her son on his violin that I wanted to try out. So out came the camera again, and I got my photo.
I'm going to try this again, because I'd like to stage it a bit and get the chance to focus on a few different focal points along the violin, and get more of the bow in. This time it was just me clicking away while she played. Lucky for me she was in a mood to LET me click away at her.

Thank-you, Carly, for setting this challenge. It really did challenge me to use my manual focus and practise working with depth of field. I could do with more practice, obviously, but this was a great start. Thank-you.

Now I will share some of the plethora of other photos I took.

Bird of Paradise. We have a beautiful huge plant, but it hides in the middle of some shrubs, so we rarely see it. I pulled the branches back to capture this photo.
 I'm not sure what this is. It is a weedy vine that wanders along our retaining wall.
The retaining wall. I like this photo. Pattern and texture.
 Dead Agapanthus flower head with a couple of old seeds hanging on. I quite like the colours in this photo.
 Jade Fern (I think that is its name). These are new shoots. Gorgeous colours. The mature leaves are green.
 Still the Jade Fern.
 Murraya (Mock Orange). Oh, these smell divine...heavenly!

I hope you enjoyed your wander through my garden with me! Thanks for visiting!



  1. Fabulous photos, all of them Michelle! I wish I had a garden with a few flowers :) The one with your daughter is really wonderful.

  2. I love them!!! My favorites are the one with your daughter playing the violin, the wall, and the bird of paradise because it looks incredibly exotic and I've never seen one in real life. These types of assignments were always my favorite in my high school photography classes.