Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 in Photos - Day 1


One of my crafty blog friends (Steph) brought my attention to Lori Boyd's new blog 2012 in Photos. The idea is to capture 2012 with a photo a day.  Great idea! Especially since I am working on improving my photography skills.

I did get some photos on New Year's Day and on the 2nd, but sadly the 3rd was not captured at all.  Tonight I have 3 more hours to capture the 4th day in a photo. I can do that. :-)

This post is Day 1, New Years Day 2012. Had I known I was going to be doing this project, I would have looked for something more interesting...but as it is, I got a great photo of my nephew's gorgeous 6 month old border collie, Duke.

Isn't he gorgeous?


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