Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 22 - 22 January 2012 - Pocket Light


Today I attempted to get my Photo Friday Challenge photo taken. I'm not really sure I captured the theme for this week. I might try again. The theme is "pocket light", meaning you need to capture a small pocket of light in the photograph with the rest being dark.

What I found was a Rain Lily. We have rain lilies all around  our pool. You would never know they were there, but when it rains, up they pop, and they flower gorgeous pink flowers a day or so later.  Most of them live under our hedge in the shade. This particular flower had the plant under the hedge and the flower reaching out into the light.
I'm thinking the shade may not have been dark enough for the flower to qualify as pocket light.

I also took a few other flower photos today, which I will share also.
My daughter's rose bush.
I liked this photo, but I decided to crop it a bit closer to see what I got. I can't decide which version I like better - this one, or the next one.
Some rose buds, too.

I also caught my dog, Coco, in a pose. It is very rare for her to sit still long enough, or to show me her eyes, for me to get a photo. It happened today.
She was covered in dirt. She'd been having fun!



  1. These are some gorgeous photos Michelle - love the one of Coco :)

  2. Stunning photography, I love those flowers and your beautiful Coco...hugs