Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 4 - 4 January 2012


It was the fourth day of 2012 in Photos that I discovered this idea. It was 9pm at night and I hadn't taken a photo yet. So what did I go about photographing? My feet, my husband's leg, my husband's glass of wine, and many, many attempts at capturing my dog, Coco.  Coco is a spoodle (cocker spaniel x poodle, aka a cockerpoo in the US) and she is very camera shy. She is also black, which makes it almost impossible to get a photo where you can see her eyes, or any detail at all really!  I took many without flash, but she is so quick they blurred. In this photo I used flash. She got red-eye. I can't find a way to fix red-eye on dogs... I don't know why... I'm giving you some insight into my limited photo-editing skills, LOL!

Here is my photo from the fourth day of 2012:
Coco will most likely be a recurring theme in my photos throughout the year. She is a real challenge to photograph, and I can't resist a challenge.


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