Sunday, January 15, 2012

Day 15 - 15 January 2012, a little SPARKLE


This week's theme at Photo Friday Challenge is "Sparkle". I have spent the last couple of days thinking about Sparkle.

Yesterday I was going to take my camera to my daughter's swim squad session and capture the sparkling water while the kids swam their thousands of laps, but I forgot my camera, oops! That's how you ended up seeing my dinner yesterday instead. :-)

Today I decided it was the day to capture Sparkle. And it is raining. Not much light. Not much sparkling happening around here. LOL! 

I decided that Sparkle for me brought up images of diamonds. Now, I don't own as many diamonds as I would like to, but I do have three in my engagement ring.  Much like a self-portrait, taking a portrait of your hand is quite a tricky task! I took my hand all over the house, wiggled it around in the light, and had a very challenging time trying to get that ring to actually SPARKLE.  I even cleaned it!

This photo is the result of my hand's photographic session:
Trust me, they do sparkle, and I love these rings. We haven't been apart since my husband gave them to me. They stay glued to my fingers day-in, day-out, every single day.



  1. Great take on the challenge Michelle. These are lovely rings and your placement of them in the photo is super. Sorry, don't know 'photo talk', but hopefully you understand what I mean :)

  2. Diamonds are always the best kind of sparkle! :-)

  3. I can definitely see why you love these rings, gorgeous and great take on the challenge...

  4. What a great rings you have ;o)
    Love your sparkle photo ...