Friday, January 6, 2012

Day 6 - 6 January 2012 - Self Portrait


Until this afternoon, I had a photograph of my washing line filled with the rainbow laundry of my two girls planned for Day 6. Then I saw Lori's post for Day 5, and thought perhaps I would try a self-portrait instead.  My rainbow laundry can wait for another day, LOL!

I didn't realise how tricky a self portrait would be with an SLR. I'd forgotten that the auto-focus required my eye to be behind the viewfinder (the focus points are decided based on what I'm looking at). So I manual focused on my knee at a distance that I thought my face would be from the lens, turned the camera around, and took the photo in manual focus. Actually I took about 15 photos. No make-up, hair straight from an afternoon swim, this photo definitely needed some "special" treatment.

Here it is:
I'm going to play around with colour a bit more this year. This was fun.


Edited to add: I just found another photo challenge which I would like to take part in. It is Photo Friday Challenge by Carly. By luck, my Friday photo was a self-portrait. :-)


  1. I love your self-portrait! It's very Warhol-esque ;-) I haven't tried playing with color settings yet but it looks like fun! I can't wait to see what else you do!

  2. Michelle this is such a fun photo!! I love it! Hugs, Carly

  3. The filter you added is great and you look such a natural the relaxed pose :)
    Jenny x

  4. I love this fun photo of yourself Michelle...great technique use...hugs

  5. What a cute and fun photo. I like your "special" treatment.

  6. I just came over via Carly's blog, i love this pic, very fun!