Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 2 - 2 January 2012


On the 2nd day of the year, I was even less prepared for photos for this blog. I was working on a project which involved me taking photos of photos because I don't have a decent scanner, LOL!  I am trying to capture 40 years of my brother's life in a big photo frame. This is a bit tricky, and I may have to modify my goal, but in the meantime I captured a photo from close to 40 years ago of my brother and me.
Aren't we cute? *wink*

At the time we were living on the island of Nauru in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  I think this photo may have been taken of us waiting by the front gate for Dad to come home from work.

That may be my last photo of a photo for this challenge, or perhaps not, maybe my scannerless state will strike again and I can take another trip down memory lane.



  1. Awww, ya'll were so cute! Love that dimple. ;) Wow, island of Nauru. What was that like?

  2. Thanks, Marlena! I have fond memories of Nauru, but I was only there for a short while when I was little. I remember heat, humidity, great swimming, lobsters, Santa on the back of the garbage truck. :-)