Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Day 10 - 10 January 2012


The theme this week seems to be swimming in my pool, but I have broken the theme in my photos, because I didn't take any swimming photos on Day 10. I was too busy enjoying the pool.  :-)  What I took photos of was my craft mess on my dining table, and multiple photos of a couple of cards that I was trying to photograph at night time under regular lights.  It turns out that I really cannot defeat the shadows with my "creative" photography. I really should invest in a light box/tent, and a couple of good lights.

Anyway, Day 10's photo is this one, of my card laying on the floor in the vain hope that I would get a decent photo of it... I didn't... I had to wait until morning for daylight to get my shot, LOL!


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  1. Wanted to share this link about making your own light box.
    I made one for me and I love it! Obviously I'd love to have one of the fancy, proper one's I've seen on other people's blogs but it's not currently in the budget. In the meantime, I've found my little homemade one is working just fine! :)