Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day 19 - 19 January 2012


Today I walked into my daughter's bedroom to check on the progress of the stripe painting. The stripes were finished, and in the middle of the floor was a "Christmas Tree" of masking tape.  This pile of tape was about thigh high. It cracked me up. It cracked my daughter up too. I'm not sure the hubby could see the humour, I think he might have still been seeing all that work each time he looked at that pile of tape!
Ignore our beautiful drop-cloths. Under those old 1970s sheets are lovely wooden floor boards. They'll be visible again tomorrow. Do look at those beautiful stripes. It looks like a lolly-shop, doesn't it?  Who in their right mind actually paints striped walls? Ah, I love my hubby! He'll do almost anything for our girls.



  1. Those stripes look gorgeous and so very neat :)
    You have a very clever hubby!
    Jenny x

  2. I've always wanted to paint stripes on one of my walls. I'm too lazy, lol. I love the pink and white!