Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day 18 - 18 January 2012


My hubby is on holidays. He took 7 weeks this summer. He isn't very good at doing "nothing". This year he decided that his project was to re-paint our two girls' bedrooms. They've been living in rooms that were painted by the former owners of the house. They chose exactly the same colours as were there previously, but completely different versions of the colours (thank goodness, or I think Daddy might have gone on strike!).

The tricky part of the big girl's choice is that she decided she wanted stripes. Most sane parents (myself included) would have said a big NO, but not Daddy. Daddy just can't say no to his girls when it is within his power to make them deliriously happy.

Today's photo is the halfway stage of the painting of the stripes. The white stripes have been painted and he has taped up the edges in preparation for painting pink stripes. The big blue stripes are the tape.  The old pink colour is visible here in this photo. It is a purpley pink and I am pleased to see it go.

My hubby is a real hero. He can do almost anything.


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