Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day 28 - 28 January 2012 - Shoes


As well as being Day 28, it's also time for the Photo Friday Challenge. The theme this week is Shoes.

Shoes have been on my mind for the last few weeks. Being the start of the school year I had to take my eldest daughter shopping for some new shoes for school. At the shop I took her to the kids section and selected a pair that I thought would fit - oh, the groans and moans that followed! Being the same size as I would wear, I put the shoes on, and then conceded her point that they were VERY uncomfortable. We headed off to the "ladies" section and found the perfect pair. Twice the price, but the perfect pair, nonetheless.  Here is the point of this whole story... my 9 year old daughter has bigger feet than me! I had to get her a pair of shoes a half size bigger than my own size. One day my first-born is going to tower over me, LOL!

Today's photo is her shoes and my shoes matched together. It is no optical illusion, those shiny white shoes are bigger than my old greyed shoes.

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  1. LOL, sounds like she will be tall! Great photo Michelle - love the contrast of the floor boards :)

  2. Love the story behind this photo Michelle, made me giggle and brought back memories of shopping with my Mum at that age..LOL, wonderful capture! Hugs!

  3. My oldest just got to my size...we now share shoes and shirts! Soon she'll be taller than I am. I understand!

  4. What a great story about this photo ;o)
    I think the 'grey' ones are my favo pair of shoes

  5. Wow, what size is your daughter wearing now? Has she hit a size 10 yet?