Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 23 - 23 January 2012


I know I had said I was going to upload a photo a day. Some days I don't have one good photo and other days it is hard to limit myself to one. LOL!

My littlest girl started back at school for the year today. She is in Kindy doing her last year before she goes to big school. I forgot to take a photo of her all ready to head off to school! She had a great day anyway. :-)

My big girl and I watched season 1 of Glee today, while I covered the school books. Tomorrow is her first day of school for the year. Just quietly, I still have a few books to go, sigh! Covering books is not the most exciting job in the world.

Today is raining. When I went adventuring looking for my daily photo, I had to keep wiping off my lens. I probably should have taken an  umbrella...

Today's photo is of one of my frangipani trees. I love my frangipanis. They smell delicious, and they look so beautiful.

I have more, because I couldn't limit myself.

A palm frond.
And a shot of my oleander, looking up into the sky.

And now, I have to go and wrangle the kids through baths, dinner, and bedtime. Catchya later!



  1. Gorgeous frangipani pics! Love how you captured the droplets. I feel like I'm looking at my own back yard with your pics. :)

  2. I feel like I'm looking round a botanical garden...these plants are amazing and definitely not native to our climate!! Love the Frangipani's they remind me of hard boiled eggs for some reason!!!
    Jenny x