Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 12 - 12 January 2012


Today was another beautiful summer day. We went swimming this morning. It was my brother's last swim before he left to go back to cold, grey London.  He has spent three weeks in Australia, soaking up as much sun as possible (and doing the grand tour of the country to catch up with friends and family).  After our swim, we headed to the Brisbane International Airport, where I took a number of photos.

This is today's photo:

I miss him already. I hope he comes back home again soon.


EDITED:  I keep coming back to this other photo I took, so I am sharing this one too. It is my daughter looking over the departures hall at the airport. Her uncle had gone to QANTAS Club, so we weren't expecting to see him down there, but I think she was still hoping.

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