Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 5 - 5 January 2012


Today was a wonderful day.

Yesterday I had a very, very long and busy day at work. The weather was beautiful outside, I knew that because I saw it on my way into the office at 7.30am, and when I went to get a coffee at 10.30am, and then again when I left the office at 6.15pm.  What I thought was this:

Today I should be at the beach, not in an office in the city.

Fast forward to today. I wasn't at work today. The day dawned cloudy and grey.  Yep, Murphy's Law.  But, my Mum and aunty are on holidays down at the Gold Coast and I had mentioned that I might take my girls down to visit them this week.  So I packed up the girls, filled the car with petrol, drove through the rain, and arrived at the Gold Coast at 10.30am... to a bright and sunny and BEAUTIFUL day.  Only just over an hour away from home and the weather was the complete opposite. Yay!

Today's photo is the beach. I have to say, I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. I live in Brisbane in Australia. North of us are my favourite beaches on the Sunshine Coast. South of us are the beaches of the Gold Coast (which run a close second-place to the Sunshine Coast). You didn't come to hear me rambling about my love of Queensland, I'm sure, you probably came to look at my photo for today.

Here it is:
This is taken at North Burleigh beach looking south toward Burleigh Heads. There was actually a pretty huge rip out there today, so staying upright and in one position was a bit of hard work. Take your feet off the ocean floor and you sped north at a record rate. But, the water was crystal clear and the temperature was perfect. I didn't want to get out. My girls had a ball. Grandma and Great Aunty made sandcastles with the little one. The big girl learned how to stand still while the water rips you along somewhere else, LOL!

And because I missed Day 3 due to only joining this challenge on Day 4, I am sneaking in an extra photo, hee hee!

Do you feel like going to the beach now, too?


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  1. Wow that beach looks so inviting and a great shot too...beaches are so hard to photograph because of all the bright light :)
    Jenny x